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How do I purchase product?

Please fill the customer registration form here, https://ezy-t.com/en/account, or contact us on LINE, http://bit.ly/line2ezyt. Please note that there is a minimum purchase of 36 t-shirts or 24 fleece sweat shirts. The order can include different models, colors, and sizes.

What kind of fabric are the t-shirts made of?

Crew neck t-shirts are 100% cotton except neon color or top dyed t-shirts that are blended with polyester. Fabric/material information can be found in the label of all GILDAN t-shirts.

Which model is better?

We recommend choosing products that fit to your customers’ style. Men’s t-shirts are all tubular style, no side seam.

What does gsm mean?

GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter. Fabric GSM represents its weight in grams. GSM is a metric measurement unit of surface or areal density which is used for measuring the thickness of fabric.

  • Softstyle: White t-shirt is 145 gsm. Black t-shirt is 150 gsm.
  • Premium Cotton: White t-shirt is 175 gsm. Black/Color t-shirt is 180 gsm.
  • Ultra Cotton: Approximately 200 gsm.
What is the difference between thread number 20, 32 and gsm?

We know the fact that the thread number 20 is heavier than the thread number 32 but the weight of a material does not always determine its quality. Even if the factory uses low number thread but weaves with low density, the fabric will be thin and shrink a lot. Therefore, it is better to know the fabric weight which is measured in grams per square metre (gsm).

Is the label of each model the same?

GILDAN started changing their label from nylon to the grey pearlized tear away label to make it more convenient for customers who do not want labels. This change may take a few years to completely see the new label in the market because the product is constantly being manufactured.

How are the size of t-shirts?

In Thailand, cloth sizes are not standardized. T-shirts of the same size from different shops might not be exactly the same size, unlike GILDAN t-shirts that definitely standardize each size.

  • Ultra Cotton is the US size. The width of each size is 5 cm. different or about 2 inches.
  • Other t-shirts are the Asian size. The width of each size is 3 cm. different or about 1.2 inches.
Which style of t-shirts do you have?

Regular crew neck tubular style, no side seam, except women’s t-shirts that need to have side seams to make some curves that fit women’s shape.

Do you have t-shirts for women?

Yes, we have Missy Fit style specifically designed for women.